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- Watts: 5275 Watts (18000 BTU/hr)
- Function: Cooling
- Refrigerant Type: R-410a

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Category: Electronics, Air-Conditioner
Tags: Food, Cack
Sku: AC04


Basic Features
Function: Cooling

BTU/hr: 18000

Cooling Capacity 5275

COP: 2.95

Rated Input Power (Watts): 1780

Power Supply (phase/voltage (V) /frequency (Hz) /current (A)): single/ 220-240/ 50/ 8.1

Air Circulation (m3/h): 1100
Cooling Features
Compressor Type: Rotary (Fixed Speed)

Refrigerant Type: R-410a

Refrigerant Amount (kg): 1.155

Outdoor Operating Range (outdoor temperature): 200C – 430C

Evaporator Fin Type: Louver Fin

Condenser Fin Type: Slit Fin

Maximum Pipe Length: 10m
Modes Turbo Mode (Maximum Cooling): Yes

Auto Operation: Yes

Dry Mode: Yes

Fan Mode: Yes

Speed Setting: Yes (Auto, High, Medium, Low)

Auto Restart Yes

Comfort Cooling Yes

Timer Yes

Sleep Yes
Air Deflection
Auto UP-Down Swing: Yes

Auto Left-Right Swing: Yes
Remote Control
Display Type: LCD

Operation/Control: Via IR (Infrared Ray)

Child Lock: Yes

Health Yes

Temperature Unit Change: Yes (16​0C to 310C)
Indoor (mm) [LXWXH]: 1150X405X310

Outdoor (mm) [LXWXH]: 820X360X625
Net Weight (Indoor) (Kg): 16.3

Gross Weight (Indoor) (Kg): 19.4

Net Weight (Outdoor) (Kg): 35.1

Gross Weight (outdoor) (Kg): 39.45

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